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A proven Decision Matrix-based concept evaluation framework for product development and innovation teams.

Compile a Decision Matrix-based evaluation in minutes 

Use text, images, and attachments to provide rich context for your participants

Create a Decision Matrix evaluation

Easily solicit a response from as many decision-makers as you need 

Our elegant and easy-to-use UI makes collecting the input from key stakeholders simple and engaging

Draw powerful insights and make clear and transparent decisions

See the big picture or dive into the details to analyze agreement and support for every idea or segment the population to see how the opinion is split among different groups.

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Rationalize is built with Stuart Pugh's Decision Matrix (also known as Weighted Scorecard, Grid Analysis, Pugh Matrix Analysis, Grid Analysis and Multi-Attribute Utility Theory) as its theoretical backbone. The framework is used to evaluate various alternatives against a baseline using weighted criteria as an input into the decision-making process. The idea is to formalize the decision-making process, making it more rational. The framework can be used in business or personal decisions, though it is probably too time-consuming for day-to-day decision-making. 

Below is a basic example of how a decision matrix can be used to evaluate and select which vehicle to buy.

CRITERIA         WEIGHT            BMW 3                  AUDI A4               TESLA M3

COST                     5                       5                            3                             4

COMFORT             2                       3                            5                             2

SAFETY                 3                       1                            3                             4

TOTAL                                           34                          31                           36




We built Rationalize because we saw too many organizations struggle with implementing collaborative decision support tools as a part of their processes. While a lot of companies find the frameworks like Pugh Decision Matrix helpful in identifying their priorities, there were no "off the shelf" tools to perform these functions. As a result, many of these companies had to develop their own software, which is costly and inefficient. We thought we can address that need by developing an easy to use concept evaluation and decision tool that individuals and organizations can use to collaborate and make decisions together.





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