We build Rationalize because we saw too many organizations struggle with implementing collaborative decision support tools as a part of their processes. While a lot of companies find the frameworks like Pugh Decision Matrix helpful in identifying their priorities, there were no "off the shelf" tools to perform these functions. As a result, many of these companies had to develop their own software, which is costly and inefficient. We thought we can address that need by developing an easy to use concept evaluation and decision tool that individuals and organizations can use to collaborate and make decisions together.


We started building Rationalize with the idea of developing a better tool for teams to evaluate concepts and make decisions. We decided to start with a Decision Matrix evaluation because this use-case seemed like the most interesting implementation. Eventually, we are looking to build a complete suite of evaluations and integrations to make the decision-making process easy and seamless for companies across every industry.


Dmitry "Dima" Kalinchenko

Dima is a management consultant based out of Boulder, Colorado. While working in innovation consulting, Dima has seen many companies (including some that he worked at) develop their own proprietary tools to enable concept evaluation and collaborative decision-making.

He has had the idea to code Pugh’s Decision Matrix into an app since graduate school so the idea of developing a tool which uses decision matrix for collaborative concept evaluation was a no brainer to him.

Outside of building products to help the world collaborate better, Dima can be found competing in endurance sports competitions (Ironman and trail running) and sampling craft beer in one of the countless breweries around Boulder, CO.

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Kræn Hansen

Kræn is a software engineer base out of Copenhagen, Denmark. He’s used the decision matrix both professionally and academically (evaluating items on a backlog, evaluating software systems fitness) as well as personally (when deciding to lease or buy a car and to collaborate around evaluating potential real estates). He’s been building multiple spreadsheets with decisionsion matrices at their core, but this final attempt grew into something more…

When he’s not at a computer coding like mad, Kræn plays with his two identical twin daughters in a nearby park or playground. If he’s not there, he practices Taekwondo (currently 6th KUP) / blue belt) at his local Dojang.

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Our advisory board provides strategic guidance and direction to Rationalize as we develop our product and grow the company.

Larry Schmitt, PhD

Managing Partner, The Inovo Group

Larry has been innovating and creating innovation systems for over 40 years with all size companies.

Steve Schwartz

Managing Partner, The Inovo Group

Steve has 35 years working in innovation and entrepreneurship. He specializes in technology effects understanding and system design.

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